Family Shows

Participation is fun!Jeff’s family magic shows are funny, engaging and amazing events. He features lots of audience participation and powerful magic, which creates an interactive experience that helps make your party memorable.

His warm, relaxed, humorous manner works equally well for both children and adults.

One of Jeff’s specialities is working with children in front of an audience. He can help them feel comfortable and have a good time while they participate in the show.

Jeff is the magician people pick when they want an entertainer who doesn’t look like a clown. He looks like an adult, but doesn't take himself seriously. For kids, this means that he has skill, but also plays "straight man" to situations where things get a bit away from him. He always manages to get them back under control in the end.

Why does he take this approach?  Because for young children, there's nothing funnier than an adult who's struggling!

For older children, who’ve outgrown this sense of humor, Jeff performs magic tricks that are designed to fool and entertain adults...and impresses the kids in a way they probably didn’t think was possible.

“I wish to thank Mr. Haas for a professional and entertaining production.  Mr. Haas was delightful and had the children and adults enthralled during his performance.  The children especially enjoyed Rocky the Raccoon, and being involved as participants in the show.  Mr. Haas was a good magician, timely, and extremely personable.  Thank you for your help in making our event a memorable one.”

— Darin Leviloff

Small Events

For small events, such as parties of 50 people or less, no special staging arrangements are necessary.  As long as there’s a part of the room where people can sit comfortably (kids usually sit on the floor), Jeff can set up and do his show.

Large Events

For large groups, Jeff has his own speaker system, microphones, and music system.  He has special pieces of material that use music and only appear in this larger version of his show.  This show has worked for audiences of over 500 times, they’ve been packed in a school gym!

Jeff also offers his big show as a fundraising event for local schools.  When a school has “Magic Night” it’s an easy way for parents to have fun with their kids and help the school out at the same time.  He makes it easy for the PTA to work with him and has helped schools hit or exceed their target.  Ask for details on how this works!

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