Jeff performs his shows at corporate parties and large events at facilities such as the Children’s Discovery Museum in San Jose, and the Monterey Bay Aquarium, as well as at private parties.

Does He Do This All The Time?
Jeff is a part-time professional magician; in his “day job” he works in the computer software industry, on the entertainment side. He spent many years producing video games at Electronic Arts. Some of the titles he worked on include John Madden Football, Andretti Racing, and NASCAR Racing. He also managed the production of two children’s edutainment titles, the critically acclaimed Eagle Eye Mysteries and the sequel, Eagle Eye Mysteries in London.

Since 2002 he’s been in the cell phone entertainment business.

Performing part-time allows Jeff to focus just on the areas that he likes, and allows him to go home at night to see his wife, a doctor who works in the biotech industry.

His Magic Background
Jeff has studied sleight-of-hand seriously since college, and over the years has travelled to learn advanced technique from some of the art’s masters.

In 1987 he entered a national sleight-of-hand contest, sponsored by the Society of American Magicians. He placed third nationally.  When asked why he didn’t go back and try to place higher, he said, “I learned that the kind of magic that wins contests is like the kind of music that jazz musicians play for each’s much more complicated and involved that what you’d perform for the public. It really wasn’t what I wanted to do.”

“Since then, I’ve refined my approach to my material.  I won’t add an effect to my show unless it’s interesting and has some kind of original twist. For me, a magic trick is like an episode of The X-Files or the Twilight Zone: It should have an clever premise, be internally consistent, and the end should both be surprising and satisfying.”

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